Is Cultivated Meat Officially A Flop?

Plus: recycling toilet water, tracking methane, and viruses vs. bacteria

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Happy Monday, Shit Givers.

This week is #BlackClimateWeek, an initiative by the Solutions Project to highlight climate solutions and environmental justice work led by the Black community. Check out their suggested reading lists!

Now onto the news.

This week:

  • 🍎 Food desert fixes

  • 🌊The Atlantic Ocean’s tipping point

  • 💵Funding for Long Covid

  • 🤖 AI tools & upgrades keep on coming

  • And more

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— Willow

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New Shit Giver Susanne wants to help solve “helping our young adults see a world where they can have hope, can contribute, feel cared for, and appreciate IRL rather than be isolated in their thoughts and screens.“

That is 100% our goal here. Welcome!

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💦 Food & Water:

⚡️ Climate change:

🦠 Health & Bio:

👩‍💻 Beep Boop:

🌎️ = Global news

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Last week’s most popular Action Step was learning about how to join a clinical trial for psychedelic research near you.

  • 🌍️ Donate to the Malala Fund so that more girls get access to education (one of the most impactful things you can do for climate change, btw).

  • Volunteer with your local YIMBY group to advocate for affordable housing in your community.

  • 🌎️ Get educated about climate change by taking The Climate Reality Project’s Climate 101 course.

  • Be heard about building heat resilient cities, and share the Heat Action Platform with your city officials.

  • Invest sustainably with a green investment portfolio from Earthfolio.

🌎️ = Global Action Step

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for rent sign on a storefront

Listen up, renters!

While all the home electrification hype caters to homeowners, we know you want to ditch fossil fuels too.

And if your landlord is leaving free money available through the Inflation Reduction Act on the table, don’t worry! We’ve put together a guide that outlines your options. Read it now 👇️ 

Vaccine-Based Immunotherapy from Novel Nanoparticle Systems. Researchers at the Texas Center for Cancer Nanomedicine (TCCN) are creating particle-based vaccines for cancer therapy. The particles carry molecules that stimulate immune cells and cancer antigens (proteins) that direct the immune response. This scanning electron microscope image shows dendritic cells, pseudo-colored in green, interacting with T cells, pseudo-colored in pink. The dendritic cells internalize the particles, process the antigens, and present peptides to T cells to direct immune responses.

Cancer sucks

Like really sucks. And unfortunately, the most common treatment, chemotherapy, really sucks too.

But there is a promising alternative called immunotherapy that helps our immune systems kick cancers ass.

Basically, immunotherapy is like a hype man for your immune system, jazzing it up to beat down cancer cells, without the harsh side effects of chemo.

Its effectiveness for different types of cancers is still debated, but there have been promising results for some types of cancer. Read all about it 👇️ 

Category is: Unlikely Heroes. Read for more info on the virus vs. bacteria saga 👇️ 

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