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Hey folks - Quinn here.

When I’m not writing, podcasting, researching, or eating, I’m having hundreds of hour-long offline conversations with people who give a shit.

People who want to help, and who need help themselves.

Help with their writing, their investments, their volunteering, their 2nd grade classroom, corporate strategy, hiring, or endowment, or truly whatever.

Let’s talk about the make-or-break science issues of our time, how they’re affecting you, and how you can help — from climate to COVID, heat to hunger, and agriculture to AI ethics.

It should have been immediately obvious to me when I had my first few phone calls, but it turns out 1:1 conversations are a natural extension of how I go about my own research, and now, a couple years later, are among my very favorite parts of what I do.

In the past two decades, I’ve worked, advised, and invested across a wide spectrum of business, media, politics, activism, and philanthropy.

But to be crystal clear: I’m not a consultant, or even a coach. I’m not a scientist, or an engineer, a doctor, a journalist, an artist, a lawyer, an insurance agent, a cook, a movie director, an elected official, or many (many) other things, either.

I’m a generalist who gives a shit, focused on the macro currents driving rapid (and often unsettling) change throughout our world, and what the hell you and I can do about them.

What that means is in these calls I usually act as a confidant and conversationalist, someone who helps folks ask better questions, see the bigger picture, and take more impactful action.

Your time is valuable, and so is mine. So the structure is simple, the trade-offs are clear.

If you want to have an hour-long conversation with me, you can now pick a date and pay for it, and then my time is yours.

Guidelines and Expectations

What it is

  • A deep conversation (or series of them) where I help you ask better questions about the big shit and your role in it, what you can control and what you can’t, and how you can help unfuck the future

  • I can help you design meaningful, measurable outcomes and see the bigger picture, so you can take action, feel safer, and help others in your community, or 5000 miles away

  • I’m a specialist in the sense that I’m a deep generalist in the 21st century’s most vital questions and how they connect

What it isn’t

  • Consulting

  • Fortune telling. I am not Biff with the Grays Sports Almanac


  • Our conversation (or conversations) will remain 100% completely private. Nothing is recorded ever.

  • The payment is 100% non-refundable

  • For a lot of folks, these conversations are a legit business expense, but you should double-check (I will not do that for you)

  • Each slot is exactly (1) hour

That’s it. Talk soon!

— Quinn