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Thanks for your interest in sponsoring INI.

We offer a 360° sponsorship across our platforms. It's pretty simple.

  • The current rate is $500/slot, is non-negotiable, and increases quarterly

  • Package buys receive a discount!

  • Ads typically see a 1-2% CTR

  • For special editions, pricing may differ: email us at [email protected]

‍Here's how a slot breaks down:

  • (1) email (75 words, image, CTA)

  • (1) week of audio (:30 seconds, host-read, pre-roll, full catalogue)

  • (1) web post (75 words, image, CTA)

  • (1) social mention (cross-platform)

Sponsoring INI is the most effective way to get in front of people who give a shit -- from policymakers to journalists, founders to VC's, students to scientists, CEO's to CMO's, and more.

What You Get

For your sponsorship slot, you'll put your business in front of:

✉️ Email: 35,000+ subscribers, 50% open rate (2x industry average), 5% CTR (2x industry average)

🎧 Audio: 13,000 downloads/month, 76% of our guests identify as women and/or BIPOC

🐣 Social: 7700+ followers

🕸 Web: Our newsletter and email podcast announcements live forever on the web with your sponsorship included‍

Happy Sponsors

Who Reads and Listens to INI?

Our typical community member is progressive, curious, and super-engaged:

  • Aged 25-54 (72%)

  • Lives in a major American city

  • Works across tech, finance, science, and media

  • 54% are female

  • 65% have at least a bachelor's

  • 65% have a HHI over $75k

  • 76% are manager or C-level

They're most likely to purchase:

  • News and entertainment

  • Sustainable home goods, consumer goods, and apparel

  • Engaging stuff for their kids

  • Better-for-you food and beverages

  • Business software

  • Worthy charitable efforts

Where Do They Work?

Who Do We Work With?

This is the most important part. We're excited to work with companies and organizations:

  • We'd invest in personally

  • Who make products or services we currently use, or would use and love

  • That we'd cover organically

  • That our loyal members will get value from

  • That make (for example) measurably sustainable consumer goods that people actually need, or healthy food and beverages, etc

  • That are building a more equitable world

  • That don’t create, distribute, or package with a shit-ton of plastic

  • Also, for now: no crypto, no carbon offsets

  • Lastly: No assholes

Ad Creative Requirements

*Due 72 hours prior to first day of sponsored week

  • High-res PNG logo

  • 75 words -- will be edited to fit the INI voice

  • (1) CTA link

  • :30 of copy for host-read pre-roll ad

Got questions? Email us at [email protected]