A Message From The Pope

Plus: food is medicine, AI deepfakes, and antimatter🤝gravity

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Welcome to the week, Shit Givers.

There’s a lot going on in the world — a lot — so if you’re tired and/or sad or overwhelmed, I see you. Remember to do all you can do, and then remember that’s all you can do, and rest.

(And then remember that since the Paris Agreement, the world’s 60 largest banks have continued financing fossil fuels to the tune of $5.5 TRILLION).

Let’s get to work.

This week:

  • 💡 A lack of diversity in public utility commissions

  • 🚭️ The cigarette tax paradox

  • 🐄 Dairy subsidies

  • 🤖 Large language models, explained

  • And more!

Have a great and safe week,

— Willow

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❤️‍🩹 👵 New Shit Giver Sarah wants to help solve “physical and emotional support for women as they journey through peri into menopause.“

I couldn’t agree more, Sarah.

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Last week’s most popular Action Step was signing the No More Dirty Banks petition to stop the financing of climate change and violations of Indigenous rights.

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⚡️A home electrification guide for renters 

If you don’t own your home, you likely don’t have a ton of control over electrifying your home.

But you still have options!

We’ve put together a guide for renters with everything you can do to reduce your reliance on fossil fuels. Read it now 👇️ 

🏭️ When the grass isn’t greener

Poor and marginalized communities are disproportionately exposed to environmental hazards, and the nations that have contributed the least to climate change are being impacted first and worst.

We can’t have climate action without climate and environmental justice. Get up to speed by reading our explainer 👇️ 

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