🌎 What To Do About Research Fraud

Plus: climate jobs, sugar limits, and the state of air

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Don’t miss our pod episode with the co-founders of The Sick Times. Long Covid is impacting millions of people, and ongoing coverage of it is so, so important. More details below!

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This week:

  • 🏭️Power plant regulations

  • 🐔The bird flu virus in milk

  • 🚰Water system cyberattacks

  • 💻️ Spotting deepfakes

  • And more

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Last week, we asked if you feel prepared or knowledgeable enough to recognize greenwashing.

You said:

🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨🟨 Yes (35%)

“Most greenwashing relies on very superficial claims while making no deal changes.”

🟨🟨🟨🟨⬜️⬜️ No (29%)

“I want to get better at recognizing it though.”

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 It depends (36%)

“I think for the most part I can recognize when brands are greenwashing but I’m human and I live in a late stage capitalist society where it’s all too easy to fall prey to greedy corporations. ”

New Shit Giver Joey wants to help solve “climate, food waste and clean water.“

All the essentials! Let’s do it.

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⚡️ Climate change:

🦠 Health & Bio:

  • A “State of the Air” report from the American Lung Association found that over a third of Americans live in communities with unhealthy levels of air pollution

  • H5N1 Bird flu virus particles have been found in pasteurized milk (the FDA says it’s safe). If there’s a bird flu pandemic (there’s no evidence that it can spread between people yet), we don’t currently have the production capacity to make enough vaccines

  • 🌍️ Vaccines have played a huge role in reducing the number of babies that die — responsible for 40% of the worldwide decline in infant mortality since 1974

  • 🌎️ Countries are negotiating an agreement to reduce plastic pollution (and industry is of course fighting back, citing how essential plastics are in today’s world)

💦 Food & Water:

👩‍💻 Beep Boop:

🌎️ = Global news

Time for systemic change

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Last week’s most popular Action Step was volunteering with your local YIMBY group to solve housing issues in your community.

  • Donate to the Long Covid Action Project to help keep governments accountable for providing support, research, and treatment.

  • Volunteer with the People’s CDC to help build collective power and fight for robust public health infrastructure.

  • 🌏️ Get educated about where you can find your closest Mask Bloc that provides access to high-quality PPE and resources for free.

  • Be heard about funding research for Long Covid and call Congress for a Long Covid Moonshot.

  • 🌏️ Invest in global health by partnering with the Gavi Matching Fund.

🌎️ = Global Action Step

Who is still covering Long COVID, and how much is the audience actually growing?

That's today's big question, and my guests are Betsy Ladygetz and Miles Griffis, editors and co-founders of The Sick Times, a journalist-founded website chronicling the Long COVID crisis.

The Sick Times investigates injustices, challenges powerful institutions, wades through the latest research, assesses COVID-19 data, and offers an essential platform for those most affected by the crisis.

So many people are struggling directly or indirectly with Long COVID.

Sometimes they don't even know themselves.

But with journalism crumbling around us, new publications like The Sick Times operated by people with very particular essential skills and lived experiences can help make sure that these massive all all-encompassing issues of our lifetimes stay in the news, giving everyone else a way to stay in touch, and of course, to act.

📖 Prefer to read? Get the transcript here.

▶️ Or watch the full episode on YouTube

Generative AI 🤝 CRISPR. Researchers hope that this tech will produce gene editors more powerful than those that evolved in bacteria over billions of years.

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