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Plus: Reducing medical debt, green hydrogen, and A.I. speech therapy

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This week:

  • 🔥 Solutions to urban heat islands

  • 💊 Medicare price negotiations

  • 📈 Food inflation

  • 💻️ A.I. watermarks

  • And more!

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Last week’s most popular Action Step was getting educated on how to debunk the 10 most common climate myths.

Together With Happy Masks

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It’s time to mask up again.

Whether you’re not interested in COVID for the first (or fifth) time, or the flu (time to get those flu shots!), and/or if you’ve got someone who’s immunocompromised in your life, it’s time to restock on quality masks.

Happy Masks makes my favorite masks (I wear them, and so do my kids), and their five layers of (adorably designed) protection have been third-party tested to have 99.9% viral and bacterial filtration efficiency, and 95% efficacy after 50 washes (that’s nuts).

Get the masks ranked by WIRED, Wirecutter, USA Today, and more (and right now there’s free shipping for orders over $60 in the US).

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The best water heater you can buy...

Is a heat pump water heater, of course! Heat your water more efficiently, while also removing a gas appliance from your home.

Brush up on everything you need to know before you make the switch and get our recommendations by clicking the button below.

A Gas of Many Colors

Decarbonization is a huge lift, and electrification isn’t a realistic immediate solution for many industries. Some people are looking at green hydrogen as a clean alternative to fossil fuels instead.

Wait, what is green hydrogen? Read our explainer and get up to speed.

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