Plant-based Diets For The Win

Plus: forever chemicals, OpenAI in turmoil, and time travel

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This week:

  • ☣️ Nuclear power x3

  • 💊 Treatment for PPD

  • 🍬 Ultra-processed foods

  • 🌦️ AI weather forecasters

  • And more

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New Shit Giver Paul wants to help solve “food justice and sustainability“.

Can’t stress enough how important improving our food system is to solving soooo many issues. Let’s do it!

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⚡️ Climate change:

🦠 Health & Bio:

💦 Food & Water:

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Last week’s most popular Action Step was volunteering with your local YIMBY chapter to advocate for housing in your community.

Together With Sandcastles

What happens when a band of surfers fights against wildfire? 

Join reporter Adriana Cargill as she investigates the infamous Woolsey Fire in Malibu, California, LA County’s most destructive fire yet. Learn how one community created a model to help save more homes and lives as climate change increases wildfires across the world. 

Listen now to Sandcastles, an award-winning podcast about home, how we create it, and why we fight so hard for it.

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🍳 Forever in your bloodstream

You may have already heard forever chemicals have been found in the deep ocean, on Mt. Everest, and in our drinking water. It’s not ideal.

Read our explainer to learn more about where they come from, and steps you can take to avoid them (as much as possible) 👇️ 

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Last week, 28% of you said you use Examine to research your supplements (if you take them at all)

To over-simplify: should companies who still use PFAS be taxed to pay for PFAS testing and removal?

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