🌏️Tracking Methane Leaks - From Space!

Plus: hydrogen pipelines, microplastic removal, and neutrino-detecting trees

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Welcome to the week.

If you’re in North America, I hope the Daylight Saving Time switch doesn’t wreck you too hard.

Try and fit in a nap today if you can, and if not, let’s catch up on the news.

This week:

  • 🌇Sinking cities

  • 💉Expanding global vaccine capacity

  • 💊Ozempic’s price tag

  • 💵 Technical debt

  • And more

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New Shit Giver Ibrahim says solving “food waste is the number one priority“.

It truly is one of the most frustrating, preventable, things we do, and fixing it would solve a million problems.

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⚡️ Climate change:

  • 🌏️ Methane-detecting satellites will provide “the first near-comprehensive global view” of leaks from the oil and gas sector, and the data will be public. Let’s hold them accountable to their pledges, shall we?

  • 🌍️ Geologists are ready to say we’re in the Anthropocene yet, but obviously that doesn’t mean we aren’t having a profound impact on the planet

  • Wind power is bouncing back. Let’s keep it going and put wind power in all over the world, in these ideal locations

  • 🌏️ China is building the world’s longest hydrogen pipeline with the potential to facilitate H2 exports

  • Sea level rise impacts may be exacerbated by the fact that coastal land is sinking, increasing flooding and inundation risks in at least 32 major US coastal cities

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💦 Food & Water:

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