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Plus: grid resiliency, a planetary health diet, and milk without the cow

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This week:

  • 🚗 EV tariffs

  • 📞Telehealth disruptions

  • 🍎A federal food waste strategy

  • 🤖 AI safety testing & liability

  • And more

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⚡️ Climate change:

🦠 Health & Bio:

  • The EPA says that municipal water systems must remove cancer-causing PFAS (forever chemicals)…aaaand now chemical and manufacturing groups are suing them because they don’t want to do that for some reason (ahem, $$$)

  • 23 million low-income households have been dropped from a federal internet subsidy program to help them get online, which isn’t great for a lot of reasons, but especially because a lack of internet means a lack of connection to telehealth services (something that has been essential to filling the healthcare gap in rural communities)

  • Finally a diet that’s good for the planet and helps you live longer — at least according to a recent study that tested the “Planetary Health Diet” and found that it reduced risk in “every major cause of mortality” from heart disease to Alzheimer’s to cancer

  • CVS recalls their generic drugs two times more often than their competitors (including medication for children made using contaminated water or from the same machines that produce pesticides, for the love of God) due to sourcing from poor quality factories

  • Black Americans are 4x more likely to suffer from kidney disease. The successful transplant of a genetically modified pig kidney is a promising milestone to increase timely access to kidney transplants by expanding the pool of available organs

💦 Food & Water:

  • The federal government has taken a first step to reduce food waste with a new strategy that involved efforts to change individual and business behaviors, funding research into extending shelf life, and turning food waste into useable commodities

  • 🌏️ A wetter than expected dry season combined with successful water management has allowed the Panama Canal to avoid a shipping crisis

  • The misuse of antibiotics in animal agriculture has led to a crisis in antibiotic resistant infections, but some farmers are still using antibiotics for “growth promotion” in pigs

  • 🌍️ Many people are starting to transition to a “flexitarian” diet to lower their carbon footprint (ie choosing to eat chicken instead of beef). But unfortunately, that comes with trade-offs for animal welfare

  • Genetic engineers are trying to make milk without the cow, by introducing bovine genes into yeasts and plants so that they can make milk proteins

👩‍💻 Beep Boop:

  • California is working on a bill that mandates large AI companies to do safety testing, or be liable for any damages or mass casualties caused by their tool (Big Tech’s not happy about it)

  • Apple and Google have announced plans to revamp our phones with AI, including better voice assistants, image generation, web article summaries, and crafting text/email responses

  • A scam call center is using AI designed to streamline customer service to power its operation

  • Tech companies are integrating AI at an alarming pace, but the hype may be outpacing the actual utility and oversight of the tools being released, and this overhauling of the online ecosystem has long-term impacts that are ambiguous and uncertain

  • 🌍️ Human rights activists are raising the alarm on an AI training dataset that may be training on images of children without their knowledge or consent

🌎️ = Global news

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