🌎📰 Have We Solved The Problems With Desalination?

Plus: predicting megafloods, open-source drug discovery, and a teeny tiny particle accelerator

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Welcome to the week!

Now that Veteran’s/Remembrance Day has officially passed, I will now tolerate Christmas music (is that still a faux pas before American Thanksgiving? I don’t know the rules.)

And now onto the news.

This week:

  • 🌳 The Amazon’s point of no return

  • ⛈️Controlling the weather

  • 🧬SynBio breakthroughs

  • 💾 Stock trades on a USB stick

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New Shit Giver Tiffany wants to help fix “that teachers aren’t paid enough!“

You can say that again. Welcome, Tiffany!

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Last week’s most popular Action Step was finding e-bike tax incentives and rebates near you with this tool from Ride Review.

  • Donate to STAND.earth’s work supporting frontline groups challenging corporations and governments to take climate action.

  • Volunteer with your local YIMBY chapter to help solve housing issues in your community.

  • Get educated about Latino perspectives on environmental issues with trilingual resources from Latino Verde.

  • Be heard about providing healthy school meals for all kids and urge your Member of Congress to support the Universal School Meal Program Act.

  • Invest with a financial institution that provides sustainable banking services using bank.green.

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Seeing the forest through the trees.

Sure, we need to log trees so we can make things to sit on, and things to hang on our wall so we can store or show off our other things, and so that we have space to mine the things that go into our iPhones and farm the things that end up on our plates.

But the rate at which we are doing it is entirely unsustainable and is definitely not doing us any favors when it comes to climate change and biodiversity loss.

Learn more about deforestation (and what you can do about it) by reading our explainer 👇️ 

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Tiny particle accelerators could theoretically be used as targeted cancer treatments! What the what, indeed. Click to blow your mind further👇️ 

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