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Plus: antibiotic treatments, AI risks, and a missing law for the universe

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This week:

  • 🏭️ Green concrete and steel

  • 🧠 Unchecked cognitive decline

  • 🫒 The Mediterranean Diet

  • 🌦️Unreliable weather apps

  • And more!

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This is science for people who give a shit.

Every week, we help 25,000+ humans understand and unfuck the rapidly changing world around us. It feels great, and we’d love for you to join us.

New Shit Giver Aimee wants to help “bring about an ethical and just plant-based food system that is kind to animals and the earth, and that happens to be the healthiest for humans“.

Welcome, Aimee! Improving our food systems is a huge piece of the puzzle for pretty much every problem we cover at INI — from reducing emissions, to better land and water use, to nutrition and healthcare. Let’s do this!

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🦠 Health & Bio:

⚡️ Climate change:

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Last week’s most popular Action Step was investing to scale climate tech with Carbon Equity.

  • Donate to Data For Progress to provide movements with the data they need to fight for a more equitable future.

  • Volunteer to change the climate narrative, and pledge to contribute talent, media, and resources to the climate crisis with the Potential Energy Coalition.

  • Get educated about products that are free from forever chemicals with this list from PFAS Central.

  • Be heard about climate policy, and sign the petition from Escape The Chamber to get big companies to leave the climate-action-obstructing US Chamber of Commerce.

  • Invest with a conscience and set up a climate-friendly 401(k) regardless of where you work with Sphere.

Together With Happy Masks

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It’s winter, so that means more windows closing at the gym, at the office, and especially in schools.

Whether you’re not interested in COVID for the first (or fifth) time, or the flu (please get those flu shots!), and/or if you’ve got someone who’s immunocompromised in your life, it’s time to restock on quality masks.

Happy Masks makes my favorite masks (I wear them, and so do my kids), and their five layers of (adorably designed) protection have been third-party tested to have 99.9% viral and bacterial filtration efficiency, and 95% efficacy after 50 washes (that’s nuts).

Get the masks ranked by WIRED, Wirecutter, USA Today, and more (and right now there’s free shipping for orders over $60 in the US).

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Lab meat

🥓 Would you eat it?

Lab-grown, cell-cultivated, cultured — whatever you call it, meat grown in a lab is a polarizing topic.

Develop a deeper understanding of lab-grown meat with our explainer by clicking the button below 👇️ 

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