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Plus: AC in schools, tracking wildfires from space, and weak pesticide protections

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Calling all Trekkies (we’re taking it back)! This week on the pod we have Maddie Stone, the journalist behind The Science of Fiction, to chat with Quinn about how science fiction is integral to helping us imagine a better future. Listen now!

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This week:

  • 🚌Electric school buses for all

  • 🧠Pollution & mental health

  • 💊The science of turmeric supplements

  • 🔍️Google Search leaks

  • And more

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Why is it so important that we share the science of fiction, and what do we do with it once we have it?

That's today's big question, and my guest is Maddie Stone.

Maddie is a prolific science journalist. She is a doctor of earth and environmental sciences. She's the former science editor of the technology website Gizmodo, which I love, and the founding editor of Earther, Gizmodo's climate focused vertical, which I love.

Maddie has edited articles for The Verge, Polygon, and Grist, and her original and award winning journalism has appeared in National Geographic, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, The Guardian, Grist, Vice, MIT Technology Room, Technology Review, and Drilled, and many other outlets we love and link to basically every day.

An avid science fiction fan like me, Maddie runs one of my favorite blogs called The Science of Fiction, an email newsletter and a blog, if you're old, that explores the real world science behind fictional monsters and alien planets and stuff like that (which checks all of my boxes).

📖 Prefer to read? Get the transcript here.

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