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Building for 2023

Happy Saturday, Shit Givers.

Regardless of whether you're in the US or you celebrate Thanksgiving, there's never a bad time to share thanks, and even though I do it at the bottom of every email, and end of every pod and video, I wanted to take a moment to say it again, with context:

We've all come a long way these past few years. Holy shit. Circumstances and bad actors have thrown quite a bit at us, but we have endeavored, together, to persevere.

Against all odds, you've each and collectively taken so many vital actions to drive better policy and purchasing, and support one another through mutual aid, to get better educated and have better conversations β€” normalizing a variety of the most effective measures we can take to build a better today and tomorrow, for everyone.

In turn, we're on the cusp of transformative change.

But it's still gnarly out there for a lot of folks. Climate impacts are increasingly real, and some can't be put back in the box. Millions of friends are sick, a recession is coming, and so many friends and family and anonymous faces have been laid off, including huge numbers across media β€” folks I've known and admired for a long time, or new friends I've tried to learn from as I build this thing.

Building INI remains the most important work I've ever done, constructed on the scaffolding of everything else I've ever worked on, from politics to fundraising to tech and media. It is a continual learning process, it is hard as hell, always humbling, and always redeeming, no matter the setbacks or the stress.

Because we do this thing together. You may be alone this weekend, or with family, or chosen family, or all three. It's easy to feel alone even when we're surrounded by those we love. But I promise you this: you'll never walk alone among Shit Givers.

Starting each day and each moment with intention and compassion and empathy can go a long way towards building that better today and tomorrow, and we can carry those efforts through not only holiday weekends but our every day work, with the news we choose to read (or not), the candidates and positions we support, what we buy, what we donate, and the actions we take.

In 2023, we're going to keep pushing ourselves and our community to make an even bigger dent in the universe, and I can't excited to share our efforts with you.

One of the most impactful ways you can make sure all of that actually happens is to become a Member and so I'm excited to share a limited-time 20% off deal on our annual Membership.

What do you get with Membership?

  • You support our work

  • Connect, collaborate, and comment with other Shit Givers and me in INI Slack

  • Get Quinn’s Notebook, updated daily

  • 2 live events a month, one with me, one with a special guest

  • Exclusive bi-monthly "Not Important" newsletters

You can grab the deal here before it expires on the 30th (make sure to choose "annual").

I've always said the main newsletter and pod will remain free, but as we continue to build new tools and content, it's important you and we understand what's paying the bills.

In 2023, my goal is for 10% of our community to be paid Members (typical newsletters "convert" about 5%, I think we can double that). We've got a long way to go and I'd be so thankful for your support today (and for 20% off).

Whatever you do, however you spend your time, I am so thankful for your support day in and day out. It matters so much that we give a shit right now, together, on the precipice of so much.

Have a great rest of the weekend, be safe, and take care.

β€” Quinn

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