Some quick announcements!

Don Draper wouldn't love this TBH

Hello and happy 2nd hottest day of all-time!

I’m popping into your inbox on this sweltering Thursday with a few quick announcements.

Item #1: The Friday newsletter will arrive tomorrow with a new splash of paint. It’s actually still kind of in progress, but it should read a little cleaner!

Item #2: (Non-toxic) paint isn’t the only upgrade, though.

I’m pleased to share that beginning tomorrow, paid Members will get an ad-free newsletter experience. 

Now, look:

I’m VERY discerning about who we let sponsor our newsletter and podcast (more info here), which means the ones we do run are brands, products, and/or services I either use myself, or would. Either way, I think you’d benefit from knowing about them.

Do I always get it right? Of course not. But the idea clearly works, as thousands and thousands of you enjoy them and click on them, which supports our work and those sponsors. This is swell.

But at the same time, I’m aware that some folks prefer an ad-free experience, so beginning tomorrow, you can go ad-free in the newsletter for just $5/month or $50/year (a 17% discount vs paying monthly).

Again, to be clear: your beloved Friday newsletter will remain free, but if you want it to be ad-free, you can have that, too.

On the flip side: If you or your company wants to get in front of 15,000+ highly-engaged, sustainably-minded readers, you can do that right here (FYI - prices are going up next month).

That’s it! Please let me know any questions, and we’ll see you tomorrow.

— Quinn