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Fund new climate tech. Build a wastewater dashboard. Collaborate on AI ethics. Investigate clean air. Ban single-use plastics. Build a radically better future — for everyone.


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Keep it going.

INI is 100% independent and mostly reader-supported. The newsletter, the pod, and most of our essays and other content are free, but there's bills to pay and Members make sure this work continues.


Come together to engage with the news, get invited to exclusive Member events like working panels, town halls, and live AMA's, and find co-conspirators to fund, promote, and support new projects.

Change it up.

Everything we do comes from the question, "What can I do?" Find new ways and new places to work directly on climate or cancer, public health or poverty, wind power or something else that starts with "W".

Get weird.

Climate, COVID, cancer, and clean water overlap more than you think. Find interdisciplinary solutions to your industry's biggest problems from a collection of unparalleled talent.

"Go-to sources of new information and action points on sustainability I can share with my team."
"I love your brilliant idea of you wading through all the bullshit and noise and neatly distilling it for my consumption!"
"I’m new. I like the concept. I do not like what looks like gratuitous swearing."

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How does it work?

Our Process

We’re looking for a wide variety of lived and work experiences, curiosity, empathy, and expertise. To ensure the space remains safe and inclusive for everyone, we have some expectations that we will enforce, uphold, and review on a recurring basis.

We prioritize and continually review the Community for folks that contribute to a future-positive ethos and provide maximum value for solving big problems.

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Complete your Member profile and introduction with information that clearly explains your background, the value and skills you can provide to the community, and your interests as it pertains to our work to make things be on fire less.

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Comment on the newsletter and pod, contribute news we missed and new ideas, provide value to live and async discussions and projects, get feedback on your own work.

Check in!

We want to make sure you're getting maximum value out of unfucking the world with us. We'll check in a couple times a year to make sure you and the Community at large are meeting your and our expectations.


Pricing plan

INI is investor-free and 100% independent. Join the Membership and support our work -- but also get so much more.

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Weekly deep-dive essays from me and guests
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Get the low down.

Are there scholarships for students or those who want to join and contribute to the Community, but are not able to afford it?

Discounts are available for students and educators with a .edu email address, and for public sector workers with a .gov email address.

If you'd like to join but otherwise cannot afford it, or have questions, please give us a shout at

What is the Community's privacy policy?

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, what’s said and shared in the Community stays in the Community. It is a safe place to share your work, get critical but constructive feedback, and ask hard questions.

Who is Membership for?

We’re looking for a wide variety of lived and work experiences, curiosity, empathy, and expertise.

Membership is for Shit Givers who want to work together on the frontlines of the future, who want more access to me for whatever godforsaken reason, to take a deeper dive into the massive opportunities in front of us, and, if accepted, to work directly with other problem-solvers across disciplines and the globe to build a radically better world.

What are the expectations?

You’ll be expected to start with yes, to share your bio and what you’re working on, to be an active participant in discussions, a strategic sharer of valuable and relevant resources, and as a connection point to others who give a shit.

You’ll be expected to contribute to an ethos that is professional, practical, and future positive, however difficult discussions may be. Please do not join if you’re too busy to contribute.

Can I invite friends to the Community?

Hell yes you can! Word of mouth is the single most impactful way for us to grow.

Please send worthy Shit Givers to to sign up and join.

Still have questions?

Hit us up.

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