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INI began as a harmless side project and has morphed into one of the most effective communities on the planet. The critically-acclaimed newsletter and podcast are 6-time Webby finalists, including Best Host and Best Newsletter. We even lost one to Malala (!), at which point we really should have just left on top, and you know, shut the whole thing down. Right?

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The people and dogs that make the INI news machine go brrrrrrr

Quinn Emmett

Chief Evangelist, Humanity

Quinn Emmett is a screenwriter, investor, father of three small humans, and the founder, writer, and host at Important, Not Important: science for people who give a shit.

His critically-acclaimed newsletter and podcast help you think deeply and act decisively about the world’s make or break science news, from climate to COVID, heat to hunger, and agriculture to AI ethics.

His work is consumed on a weekly basis by senators and scientists, investors and doctors, students and CEO’s, best-selling fiction writers and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists.

Willow Beck

Offscreen Handler

Hailing from Canada, Willow has a background in wildlife biology and is currently pursuing a Master’s in science journalism in Montreal. 

Her passion for science has spanned from counting shrimp off the coast of Vancouver Island to producing the Important, Not Important podcast and managing other INI projects. 

Other interests include obsessively watching reality TV (the Bachelor is a sport!) and ruining parties by constantly bringing up The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Brian Colbert Kennedy

Assistant to the Regional Manager, Emeritus

Brian is co-host emeritus of the Important, Not Important podcast and will return in future versions as soon as the Time Stone is retrieved and the timelines reconciled.

Brian has worked in both hospitality and entertainment but his deepest passion lies in the future of humanity (or lack thereof) and writing bios in third person. Will robots take our jobs? Will the president lead us into a nuclear war? When Elon sends humans to Mars, can Brian go? Can he? Please??

He is from Chicago, needs coffee to survive, and just loves pointing out to strangers when they’re wearing the same shoes.


President, Shadow Government

Teddy, an otherwise unidentifiable mix of unicorn and virgin fleece, was born on the cold streets of Los Angeles. He was discovered in a cardboard box at four weeks old, surrounded by his dead brothers and sisters (RIP), but otherwise alone.

Credit for Teddy's adoption goes to Quinn's wife Dana who veered across six lanes of traffic upon seeing Teddy in a rescue shelter's window. Fifteen missed calls later, Quinn was introduced to the next love of his life, and nothing has been the same, since.

Teddy is named after the greatest hitter of all-time, Ted Williams. Bringing a unique perspective to Important, Not Important, Teddy's concerns range from food waste to an end of days Yellowstone eruption.

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