The Zip Hoodie


The Zip Hoodie


The zipper version! That's right. It's your new favorite hoodie, but this time, with a zipper! 

Straight from Alternative Apparel, and emblazoned with a small, special version of the Important, Not Important badge.

Why is it your new favorite hoodie? Oh, because IT'S THE MOST COMFORTABLE THING YOU'VE EVER PUT ON YOUR BODY.

Coming at you in Eco True Navy (why yes, that is the only color, thanks for asking), it's:

  • Called Eco-Fleece, and is made of 50% Polyester, 46% Cotton, and 4% Rayon
  • Mostly organic & recycled materials
  • Got a kangaroo pocket
  • With a ribbed hemband and sleeve cuffs
  • And set-in sleeves, whatever those are!
  • Got a full-length zipper!
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