#58: Is Faith Sustainable?

In Episode 58, Quinn & Brian ask: Is faith sustainable?

Our guest is Dekila Chungyalpa, a trained scientist and Buddhist operating at the intersection of science, faith, and the environment. She is the director of The Loka Initiative, a new and innovative education and outreach program at the University of Wisconsin–Madison for faith leaders and religious institutions. Its mission is to support faith-led environmental efforts locally and around the world through collaborations with faith leaders and religious institutions on environmental protection, sustainable development, and global health issues.

Dekila believes that science and religion can be sympathetic, rather than adversarial, in their commitment to solving environmental and social problems compassionately and effectively. We are all different, in oh so very many ways, but there’s one thing that that every single human being has in common: if we destroy the planet through our own negligence, there will be nowhere left for us to argue about (and kill each other over) religion and politics.

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#29: The Pope Has Decided to Fix Climate Change With His Own Bare Hands

In Episode 29, Quinn & Brian ponder the fact that the Pope Has Decided to Defeat Climate Change With His Own Bare Hands

Our guest — Jose Aguto. Jose is the Associate Director of the Catholic Climate Covenant, where he works to lead Catholicism into climate action, which includes building and providing the tools to do so.

We’re excited to continue our streak of talking to and hopefully not insulting the last segments of the population that we (desperately) need to get on board with climate action — whatever their beliefs. Cracking this little problem is gonna take every single last one of us, and yes that means you too, Steve.

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#4: What does the bible say about climate change?

In Episode 4, Quinn and Brian continue with the second in their "trilogy" of conversations with conservative climate activists, and ask: What does the bible say about climate change?

Here to answer: Reverend Mitch Hescox of the Environmental Evangelical Movement.

Descended from generations of coal miners, Mitch helps us understand our role — or lack of one — in helping the religious right become green advocates. Because nobody wants the Sierra Club yelling at them all the time. Not even us.

Listen here, or read the transcript here.