#36: Can Latinos Save the World?

In Episode 36, Quinn & Brian ask: Can Latinos save the planet?

Our guest is Mark Magana, the Founding President & CEO of GreenLatinos, a national coalition of Latino environmental, natural resources, and conservation advocates. Mark started the organization 10 years ago (with the super pithy name National Latinos Coalition on Climate Change) in an effort to garner support for a cap and trade bill in Congress. What they found, however, was that Latinos in the environmental movement were siloed in different sectors – so they changed their name and set out on a mission to break down those barriers.

Somewhere between a professional organization and an environmental policy organization, GreenLatinos now brings together Latinos in every sector of the environmental movement to work with one other on behalf of their communities and each other. As our previous guests Elsa and Emelly would say, it’s zero hour – so we have to get out from behind these desks, take the activism to the front lines, and actually do something to create change. We acknowledge and understand that no heritage makes up a homogenous voting block, but we can’t think of anyone better poised to save the planet than the united efforts of the most rapidly growing population in our country, who are also disproportionately affected by climate issues.

But here’s the good news: every 30 seconds, a Latino turns 18. That’s 66,000 new voters every month, and that represents a huge potential for change. This is something that the white folks in charge are clearly scared of and actively working to suppress – but with your support, we can help make that potential for change a reality.

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