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Newsletter #292: A love letter to my e-bike

Published on
September 16, 2022
Show notes

This week:

  • What's happening with cars and micro-mobility in America
  • Brain fog
  • A food system rundown
  • The corporations backing a national abortion ban
  • Border agents are taking your phone data

Action Steps

  • Watch this short about Statiq, the Indian startup electrifying transportation, then check out Ride Review to find an e-bike or scooter (here's Quinn's beloved e-bike)
  • Read about the success of the new COVID boosters, then get boosted
  • Donate to or volunteer with World Central Kitchen
  • Read this article listing the corporations backing a national abortion ban, then share it everywhere
  • Call your senators and insist they support S.2957, Senator Wyden's "Protecting Data at the Border Act"

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