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Best of the Best: Do We Really Know What’s in that Moisturizer (& Where the Hell Did it Come From?)

Published on
June 14, 2022
Show notes

In light of new research on toxic ingredients, it looks like America might finally start regulating cosmetic products, so it’s a great moment to re-run one of our most popular episodes with Beautycounter CEO Gregg Renfrew.

In episode 87, Quinn & Brian ask: what, exactly, are we putting on our bodies (and why aren’t more people asking questions about it)?

Our guest is: Gregg Renfrew. Gregg is a serial entrepreneur who, most recently, founded Beautycounter to increase transparency and safety in the personal care industry. She also actively lobbies for regulation in the cosmetics industry. She wants to limit the number of harmful chemicals included in products sold in America because, you know, less poison in and on our bodies is a good thing – and a good thing that many other companies in the beauty industry vehemently oppose.

There are complicated ingredients in our cosmetics, moisturizers… well, pretty much everything we’re sold to put on our bodies to make them look or feel better. And these ingredients are increasingly obscured by labeling trickery, like the deceptive word “fragrance” that can hide dozens of potentially dangerous chemicals – and, holy hell, after what we learned in this episode, we are so on board with the Beautycounter mission (Brian’s already stocked up).

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