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Best Of: Did A.I. Just Make My Life’s Work Obsolete?

Published on
February 27, 2023
Show notes

How many nights have you spent up recently worried that AI is just gonna take your job?

That's today's big question, and my guest is Dr. Mohammed AlQuraishi.

Almost three years before chatGPT and New Bing really hit the scene, Mohammed showed up to a conference excited to share his life's work on protein folding, one of the biggest problems in biology.

But Mohammad quickly discovered that Deep Mind or to be more specifically AlphaFold had solved the whole damn thing.

Mohammad is an assistant professor in the Department of Systems Biology and a member of Columbia's program for mathematical genomics, where he works at the intersection of machine learning, biophysics and systems biology.

Obviously, all this is more important and more relevant than ever before.

Literally, it changes every week, so I'm excited to share this conversation from 2019 or a million years ago.

The world and AI is moving so quickly, but it's messy and in many places it's moving faster than our societal and ethical guardrails can keep up.


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