#43: The Future of Digital Health Part 1

In Episode 43, Quinn & Brian discuss: The future of digital health.

Our guests are Dr. Indra Joshi & Maxine Mackintosh. Together, these two co-founded One HealthTech, a grassroots community that champions and promotes the unheard voices in health innovation to drive our future healthcare using technology. Dr. Joshi is also the clinical lead for NHS England's digital experience programme and Maxine is pursuing her PhD in neuroinformatics at the Alan Turing Institute, where she is working on the intersection of data science and dementia.

A lot of our episodes start off somewhere a little depressing, like our impending environmental collapse or the impending U.S. federal government collapse, or both, then we find a silver lining – but today’s episode starts with the silver lining! The future of digital health is looking pretty goddamn’ cool, female, and colorful (like most things should). It’s a big step up from our alabaster-ass present, that’s for sure.

Listen to the episode here, or read the transcript here.

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