#35: Can These Scientists Really Save Congress?

In Episode 35, Quinn & Brian ask: Can these scientists really save congress?

Our guest is Shaughnessy Naughton. She is the President & Founder of 314 Action, an organization founded by members of the STEM community; grassroots supporters and political activists who believe in the power of SCIENCE! They are committed to electing more STEM candidates to every level of elected office, advocate for evidence-based policy solutions to issues like climate change, and stand up to fight back against the Trump administration's attacks on science.

314 Action’s efforts are always appreciated, but as we rapidly barrel towards the midterm elections here in the U.S. (Nov. 6th, 2018 – don’t forget to mark your calendars & register to vote) they are more necessary than ever. Because, as Shaughnessy tells us, “The attacks on science didn’t start with the Trump administration, but they’ve taken what felt like a war on science and turned it into an all-out war on facts.” So leading up to the elections, we’ll be speaking with a number of candidates endorsed by 314 Action so that we can spread some much-needed awareness and get some actually qualified people into office.

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