#34: Electrocuting The Sh*t Out of Cancer

In Episode 34, Quinn & Brian discuss: Electrocuting the S#!t Out of Cancer.

Our guest is Theo Roth, an MB/PhD student candidate at UCSF who spends his days running experiments in the Marson Lab, and contributing to kick-ass research like the development of new tools for efficient CRISPR genome engineering in human cells.

The topic of this episode is extremely close to us and particularly relevant right now because September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Childhood cancer, unfortunately, only receives 5% of the total federal research funding, which means we need more people like us supporting cancer researchers and hospitals that are working to help children with cancer. So our goal with this episode is to not only explain all of the awesome work that Theo does and how in the hell he electrocutes cancer cells – although we definitely get all up in that – but also to identify some steps you can take RIGHT NOW to support people like Theo who are fighting the good fight and working to eliminate cancer.

On that note: f#$k cancer in the face.

Listen to the episode here, or read the transcript here.

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