📚 Not Important #4: What I'm reading now

Quinn Emmett
July 25, 2022
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“Tell me, at what velocity does joy travel?”

-- Clint Smith

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Welcome back. A quick reminder before you think "where's the plague content, bro":

"Not Important" is a twice-monthly email series where I recommend some of the non-INI things I'm consuming/thinking about, and was born after an unexpectedly (very) large contingent of you voted for more, um, gentle reading recommendations in a survey earlier this year.

Note: These will eventually (once I have the technical capability!) be a treat for INI Members and readers who've got at least three (3) referrals under their belt.

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-- Quinn

2 books

My book recommendation links are via Bookshop (print) and Libro (audio), and this week, I'm going to start including Libby when available, too. Libby is a completely free way to check out digital e-reader and audiobooks from your US public library. All you need is a library card and to download the (excellent) app here. Enjoy books without 1) Printing new ones or 2) Supporting Amazon.

  1. The Korean Vegan Cookbook: Reflections and Recipes from Omma's Kitchen (Bookshop, Libro). From @thekoreanveganm, the food in this book is outrageously good, full stop.
  2. Counting Descent by Clint Smith (Bookshop, Libro). A re-read. Clint is a staff writer for The Atlantic and perhaps best knowing for his 2020 #1 NYT bestseller "How the Word is Passed", but before that was this -- a collection of wonderful, intense, moving poetry from 2017 (I think).

You can find all the rest of my all-time books at Bookshop here.

2 articles

  1. "The Webb Telescope is a Time Machine" by Marina Koren. Yes, the telescope should be renamed, and yes it's an incredible achievement we've barely trapped the potential of. Marina is among my very favorite space and science writers -- I loved this.
  2. "Can Pickleball Save America?" by Sarah Larson. This is my way of admitting to just finally having played pickleball for the first time (the same week I tried Wordle for the first time, you're welcome), at a friend's birthday, and yes, it's a delight. Can't wait to blow out my knee giving it 150% after a long day at the desk.

2 Tweets

Mondo Duplantis. World Record. We Are All Witnesses.

— LSU Track & Field (@LSUTrackField)
Jul 25, 2022


— Black Panther (@theblackpanther)
Jul 24, 2022

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Got a recommendation you think the community would love? Just reply to this email and I'll give it a look. 

2 tools

  1. What Should I Read Next? Pleasure (non-anxiety inducing) reading can tread dangerously/safely close to the "mostly re-reads" category some months, so I am always pleased to find a tool (besides friends) that can help me branch out a bit. This has been helpful!
  2. Been purging and donating as much as we can around the house as we can these days but adding minimal key additions. This Capilene Cool Daily Hoody from Patagonia has been a nice way to help keep me (relatively) cool but mostly keep the sun away. Thanks to Aaron for the rec.

2 mistakes

  1. Let the kids stay too long at the water park and they full-on, eyes-rolling-back-in-their heads, "my legs don't work" when-asked-to-brush-their-teeth melted down after.
  2. Learning to use the rowing machine! Have avoided it for decades. It's fun! I'm still not stretching.

2 things I'm grateful for

  1. Crunchy peanut butter
  2. Dairy-free cream cheese

That's it. Stay cool, keep up the recommendations and feedback, see you in a couple weeks!


-- Quinn

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