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Quinn Emmett
November 16, 2022
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Shit Givers:

It's been three months since our new best friend IRA was signed into law and with the midterms (kind of) over, and the holidays and New Year around the corner (you're done shopping, right?), it's time to start planning how the hell you're actually going to electrify your home.

Pros: A more comfortable home. A smarter home. Smaller energy bills. Jealous neighbors. Less stuff that will poison you and/or blow up. A less terrifying planet.

Cons: It's a little complicated to figure out where to start?

Great news: You nerds loved our "How to Electrify Your Home" pod so much, we've gone ahead and partnered with our friends at Rewiring America, America's leading electrification nonprofit, on a new limited-series to answer that question and help you take it all the way in 2023.

Starting this weekend (just in time to share over stuffing with with your gas-loving Uncle Nick) and continuing into the new year, you'll receive:

  • An Electrification Prep Guide I'm writing literally today
  • A Guide to the IRA, complete with a (fun!) calculator to help you save that sweet cash
  • A 6-part sequence covering everything from induction stoves that boil your pasta water in seconds to EV chargers, heat pumps, and more

...and more. It's gonna be awesome.

That's it for now — much more coming your way soon (on top of your regularly scheduled INI programming, plus some end-of-year goodies). 

Thanks for reading, and thanks for giving a shit.


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