Special Edition: Harvey the Hurricane

Hi guys - 

This is a Special Edition in that much of the world is either flooding or suffering unbearable heat at the moment, and so we flew down to Houston to bring diapers and wipes and board books and breastmilk bags to displaced families living in shelters. 

So no time to put together a full newsletter this week, and yes, there's been much arguing over whether Harvey was made worse by climate change, or overdeveloped infrastructure, the same with India and Pakistan's monsoons or Southern California's heat wave, or famines in Africa and the Middle East, or the devastating cholera crisis in Yemen -- but we'll get to that, in some way, soon. But right now it's all hands on deck, on the ground, in whatever way we can help.

In the meantime, please be thankful for what you've got, help out where you can, however you can, and know that we need to learn something from every one of these episodes - because they're only going to become more frequent, and no one is immune.


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