Job: Newsletter Designer



This is an RFP to save the world. We need to redesign our popular newsletter, Important, Not Important: The News Most Vital to the Survival of Our Species.

For a year, I've been using a standard Mailchimp template that I stripped down and made fairly clean, but it doesn't stand out, it's getting cluttered/messy, and there's some random CSS errors here and there that show up in final versions. Shit adds up. So I want to start over.


I'm looking for something clean but colorful, very readable with lots of white space.

The tone of the content is informative and necessary, but also witty and irreverent -- the design should match it, or at the very least, compliment and support it.

The content is fairly wordy, and contains many links, so is most often split up into 4-8 topical sections. Clearly identifiable section headers are required, where I can clearly sub in new type each week without affecting the format of the header container (in whatever form we choose).

Social sharing abilities are top-line. These take three parts: sharing the content, sharing the newsletter itself, and visiting our own social feeds/pages.

I'd consider a sidebar for fun facts. Maybe. I'm not sold on it, but would consider it. They don't translate well to phones.



Must be a template that can be easily populated for each week's newsletter. Feature image (often a gif), headlines and content should be able to be switched out easily and without fussing with formatting. I'm technically-inclined, and CSS-trained, but the point of this project is to make it so I don't have to deal with those items when I'm trying to build, edit, and deliver the newsletter.

Must be fully responsive for mobile. The bulk of our readership is split fairly evenly between Gmail (web) on desktop, and iPhone (native email app) on mobile.

Must be fully MailChimp tested and compatible. Obviously.

That's it.


Interested in helping us fight the good fight? Shoot us a message at brian AT importantnotimportant DOT com, and let's chat.